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  Echos for the Future
Reflections on the State of Healthcare
A Blog by Rob Tenery, MD

Attention to the evolution of health care delivery has been mostly centered around the remarkable advances in its science. Of almost equal importance are the social and financial changes that have permeated all aspects of this still developing profession. Doctors in the beginning of the twentieth century were sometimes more akin to the ministry with an assortment of potions and a vast understanding of the human anatomy. Today, they are becoming more closely aligned with the business community.

Just as the discovery of antibiotics and organ transplantation served as pivotal points in the science of medicine, the introduction of heath insurance, managed care and government intervention are equally important in the evolution of our current system. To be true to the precepts of the profession of medicine, we must first learn from the defining events that brought our current health care system to where it is today. Not just when they happened, but why they occurred. What their eventual consequences were and are. Finally, in attempting to address the weaknesses, not destroy the good in what has gone on before.

History will serve as our guide as I re-trace the steps of medicine's evolution, hoping this will give direction to those who are participants in our delivery system as they face the unknown paths to the future.

Where Are They Going To Get The Money?


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