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Diagnosis for Democracy
Insights into the State of Our Union
A Blog by Rob Tenery, MD

Does it matter that we are becoming a country that is increasingly governed by what we can get from the system rather than what we give back? Our forefathers fought and died to ensure that this country allowed the opportunities for its citizens to succeed. Countless more sacrificed at home during the war to ensure that these constitutional freedoms continue. In recent times, a growing percentage of the population has forgotten that these opportunities are not just given but earned.

There must be a public awareness of the transformation that is happening in this country. Instead of searching out the truth, a growing majority of the populace either doesn’t seem to care or turns to the media outlet of their choice. By doing this, they are brainwashed to that particular way of thinking. The continuing immigration, instead of assimilating into the fabric of this country, is diluting our culture, language, religion and most importantly, our country’s goals.

Solutions can only come if we look for them. Diagnosis for Democracy serves as a voice to address the concerns that are gradually moving this country away from what our forefathers envisioned.  As a physician of over 40 years, a small business owner, who also served my country during the Vietnam era, and a husband and father, I have dealt with big business, big government and now big media. The trend I see as troubling is that these three entities are engulfing the individuals in preference to the will of the masses.

If there is one truth that underlies all others, it is to leave this country better than how we found it. My two granddaughters, pictured above, deserve that from us!


It's Impossible That Hillary Doesn't Know

For a moment, put aside Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi slaughter of four Americans when, when as Secretary of State, she reportedly told the families of the deceased that the reason for the attack was due to an anti-Muslim video while she confessed to her own daughter that it was a terrorist attack. Don’t count that her email server was set up in violation of State Department rules. Temporarily forget that she tried to wipe her server clean of many top-secret emails she claimed were never there.

Don’t pay attention to the discrepancy between the Director of the FBI, James Comey’s, testimony that she was ‘extremely careless’ with emails on her server and Hillary’s contradictory retort, “Director Comey said my answe...Read more

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